• Coaching focuses on how things are now and helps you move towards well-formed outcomes without a detailed historical analysis and without giving any kind of advice or suggestions. In other words, the coach helps you get from where you are to where you want to be.

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    • I love diversity, therefore my work consists of delivering a wide range of services - from NLP trainings to specially tailored trainings and seminars for companies, Mindfulness and NLP retreats as well as delivering uniquely designed workshops for individuals.

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    • Through our unique mindfulness program, mental training and personal coaching, we will do our best to help you become the best version of yourself, assist you in finding your life purpose and your perfect career, improve your relationships and enhance your health. Join us!

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    • Israel Amper

    • Espen Haugen

    • Sissel Widding

    • It's been a year since ...

      February 8, 2017
      It's been a year since ...

      Should I celebrate these days? I think I have a few great reasons to do so. Some of them I can not reveal just yet, however I can definitely share with you, that firstly - I am back with my blogging and secondly - it has been one year since I ran ...

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      Skupinske meditacije v Solni hiši v Radovljici

      Si želiš več energije, več notranjega miru in več fokusa v svojem življenju? Izstopiti iz sveta pričakovanj, se povezati s svojo intuicijo in zaživeti ljubezni, veselja in zadovoljstva polno življenje? Vzpostaviti nov odnos s svojim telesom?...

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