• Golden Glow Therapy

  • Healing and awakening with manifestation of Golden Glow

    Golden Glow Therapy is a unique energy therapy which helps an individual to establish harmony and balance on all levels of being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. 

    It supports an individual to step into their power centre and to reconnect with the energy of their heart. As a consequence, an individual stops identifying with their mind, which is based on fear and is past conditioned, thus disabling an individual to live a free, joyful and happy life. 

    Balancing all  levels of being, evokes feelings of inner peace, harmony and a connection with everybody and everything that surrounds us, as an individual. Fear based judgements and feelings of separation dissolve and feelings of connection, compassion and care for the well-being of others awake.

  • What can you expect as a result of Golden Glow Therapy?

    In general clients who have tried Golden Glow Therapy, report:

    • feelings of inner peace and trust
    • feelings of happiness, joy, and satisfaction without any particular reason
    • higher energy levels
    • improved relationship with self and consequently with others
    • becoming conscious of limiting beliefs and structures in life
    • easier concentration
    • memory improvement
    • creativity peak
    • recognising and following intuition
    • easier acceptance and giving love
    • increased feelings of gratitude
    • stronger connection with nature
    • disappearance or decrease of physical pain
    • greater physical  flexibility 
  • Golden Glow Therapy is an individual therapy

    Unlike Inner Glow Therapy, Golden Glow Therapy doesn't involve coaching and is therefore carried out in complete silence.

    Golden Glow Therapy is an energy exchange and as such although it can be done distantly, for the best results, I highly recommend personal interaction. I do NOT do this service via Skype or any other means of distant communication. 

    Golden Glow Therapy is highly intuitive and it gives each person exactly what they need in particular moment in time rather what they think they should get. This therapy treats each person as a whole. Although we live in a world in which we are identified with our rational mind, this therapy transcends all conditioned logical reasoning and it's expectations and works for the highest good of each single individual.

    Each Golden Glow Therapy lasts for 1 hour and at least 3 therapies are recommended for optimal results.


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  • I grew up closely connected with nature. Nature has been my sanctuary as well as my huge inspiration. Since I can remember, animals and children were attracted into my energy field. In the last few years, lots of other people started gravitating to my company as well; informing me that after just a few minutes of interacting with me their energy levels uplifted and they became more centered and peaceful. 

    In a few later encounters, with people who were working with the aura, I was told that my aura was very clean and that I could use my energy levels to "heal" people.

    Being quite skeptical about working with energies, I didn’t pay much attention to the fact that perhaps I could do the energy work with people, up until the time I met my friend Miro Rozman, who introduced me to Tesla Metamorphosis and Integral Yoga. I was willing to test this method as my energy system was very strong and clean, the energy rushed through my entire system and that resulted in the manifestation of a brand new energy, which we named Golden Glow. 

    If you wonder why did we name it Golden Glow, it is due to the fact that clients started reporting to us strong visions of glowing golden colour after the second or the third therapy. 

    Being very curious and trusting that even if rational minds could not comprehend what was going on, I decided to start testing Golden Glow Therapy on different people. 

    I have been testing this Therapy for over a year and a half and I need to admit that I was quite shocked about the positive results that it achieved. People reported back that physical pains disappeared or at least diminished immensely, and long lasting migraines were gone. Their bodies became much more flexible and their memories improved. In general people started to feel that their energy levels increased and consequently they started to feel very peaceful, happy, joyful and satisfied in life without any particular reason. Later on, every single individual reported that some kind of awakening process began after the therapies. People gave me feedback, that they felt that they were more in the present. They started living in the present moment and as such, they were able to detect programmes that were running inside of their subconscious mind.  Programmes that were causing them problems in life prior to my therapy, but they had no conscious awareness of them. 


  • Testimonials

  • Stian Foss,

    Standup Comedian (Norway)

    'I am 29 years old and wheelchair bound. I spend a lot of time sitting down, hence my limbs get quite stiff and I can experience muscle pain from time to time. Because of this, it has always been important that I work out. Part of me has always wanted to be more active, and train to get stronger muscles, but there was always something in my head stopping me.  

    I met Polona when she was co-hosting a seminar here in Trondheim (Norway) and we hit it off immediately, because we have the same kind of humour. Long story short: She asked me if I was willing to have a few Golden Glow sessions with her, just to see what would happen.  I was like ‘Yeah, why not?’

    When I think back on our first sessions, four words come to mind: I. Laughed. So. Hard! I immediately felt warm and tingling sensations both in my head and in my body. I guess I had to laugh because it was so absurd, in a good way, to have all these sensations happening, while someone was standing over me…and not even touching me. I tried to explain what was happening because I thought: ‘Feedback is always nice’, but I quickly realized that I was so relaxed, that my words kind of slipped away from me. 

    Then after a while, I could feel something happening on the left side of my head; the feeling of resistance was gone and everything suddenly felt so much simple, the blood was flowing easier through my entire body, and it still does. Just like when you get a massage, only better. It feels like the mechanisms of the body are running better now, more correctly. All of my muscles are now much more co-operative, so to speak. In addition, a long while after our sessions, I felt very much at peace. Because…the resistance in my head disappeared.

    As a result of this I got a membership at the gym and keep working out my muscles in my legs.  I will start climbing mountains someday...'

  • Shirlie Roden,

    Singer & Song Writer (United Kingdom)

    ‘Miro and Polona work beautifully together as a healing team and perfectly complement each other.  I completely trust their integrity and the process they utilise for their healing. I found it deeply relaxing and felt a great deal of light being directed to every part of me. I particularly enjoyed the balance of masculine and feminine energies that flow between them as they work, and together they create a wonderful experience that can only benefit anyone they focus their loving attention on.’
  • Rozalija Radelj,

    Pensioner (Slovenia)

    'I am 82 years old. Last year I broke my hip. The recovery was very slow and painful. I was losing my willpower as well my physical strength as I wasn't able to move a lot for more than 6 months. My muscles were getting weaker and weaker and simple tasks like showering and putting on clothes became very difficult and time-consuming. When I thought that I might spend the rest of my life in that state, Polona said that she might be able to help me.

    She asked me to lie down and trust her process. I had no idea what to expect. I had never experienced any sort of alternative healing, but as soon as she started, I felt a strong energy burst coming through my head and spreading down into my body. It was completely unfamiliar but very pleasant. I wasn't afraid at all. Later on, I felt very pleasant feelings all over my body, kind of like light feathers touching my skin and I felt a very strong energy pull in my hands, they wanted to lift up.

    As soon as the process was over, I felt different. It's difficult for me to find proper words, but it felt much lighter and better. We did two more sessions afterward and by the end of third one everyone around me started asking me what happened to me. My muscles started getting stronger and stronger, the tension inside my back disappeared, my joints became more flexible and most importantly, I started feeling incredibly good and alive. I had lots of energy, at some point it seemed to me that I could just go and climb a mountain although it's been probably more than over 40 years since I last that. My skin improved and I started looking younger.

    I am skeptical; if someone told me a story similar to mine, I wouldn't have believed it, for sure. However, since I experienced it on my own skin, I can say that Polona's therapies helped me immensely. No, I don't just believe they work, I know. I tested them.'