• Inner Glow Therapy

  • There are two things that I believe strongly in my life.  I believe in the power of love and I believe that each of us has two major missions in this lifetime.

    Firstly, in order to live happy, satisfied and fulfilled lives, each of us needs to get in touch with our real nature, with who we are underneath our social conditioning and expectations. 

    Secondly, I believe that each of us have a secondary mission, and that is to utilise major life experiences, special skills,  talents and bring something new, something special to this world and make this planet a better place for us and the generations to come. 

    The above-mentioned philosophy is a result of my life long experiences and learnings. Following this philosophy, I have developed a brand new therapy which represents me as a person and represents everything that I believe in life. I named it Inner Glow Therapy. 

  • What is the intention of the Inner Glow Therapy?

    The intention of Inner Glow Therapy is to help an individual get in touch with their real nature and start living life from that dimension. 

    The philosophy behind the Inner Glow Therapy is simple. We are all born as a blank piece of paper. Then throughout our life, we become programmed or even better, conditioned. We learn to model a lot of limiting beliefs and fears that keep us back from expressing our true potential. They prevent us from living our best life. They rob us of happiness, joy, satisfaction and fulfillment. 

    Inner Glow Therapy helps an individual to raise their vibrational frequency to the level where the Universe starts responding to their hearts desires and starts attracting the very best situations, people and experiences into their lives. 

    Inner Glow Therapy helps an individual to become a fully responsible creator of their life.

  • What does Inner Glow Therapy consist of?

    In order to bring these long lasting and effective changes into an individual’s life, I combine several methods including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mindfulness, Healing Meditations, Spiritual Teachings and my powerful transformative Golden Glow Energy Therapy

    Throughout studying and working with people, I realised that I unable to follow one method only, in order to bring long lasting, effective and transformative results into people’s lives. The call inside me to trust my higher self and to start combining various knowledge, experiences and methods were getting louder and louder. Following it’s whispering, I developed this therapy which is an expression of my secondary mission on this planet and I feel so happy and so humbled that I have this privilege to help people to start living the lives that they desire and deserve. The Therapy is also highly intuitive, - I utilise my strong intuition to guide me throughout the whole process.  

  • Limiting beliefs around quick and long lasting transformative life-changing therapies

    I have to admit, I face a lot of questions regarding the fact that my therapies are so transformative, because they don't require you to spend years analysing your life and learning from your experiences or taking detailed historical analysis. 

    Well, first of all, times are changing. We know today that therapies that work with our rational or logical mind, are obsolete and they don’t bring the desired results. 

    During my therapies, I don’t pay as much attention to the words that the person is using, as I do to the messages that their subconscious mind and supramental mind is delivering to me through my intuition. I can quickly determine the hotspot of the problem that the person is dealing with and then I work on that problem energetically rather than verbally. 

    The person is hardly aware during the process of what is going on, as every Therapy is done through the conversation and energy exchange on the areas that need to be worked on. In the end the person looks at me with a brand new expression on their face, sparkles in their eyes and informs me that it is impossible to determine what exactly has happened, but it feels so right and it feels so much lighter now. These words are the significant signal for me that the work has been done effectively. 

    In order to change you don’t need much time. You just need to decide that you want to change and follow that decision with booking a session with me. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the work is done completely. I give a person special guidance and I also mentor those who need me to, later on. The significant factor during the Inner Glow Therapy is that the person becomes free of limiting beliefs and fears and as such is then compelled to take their life in the direction where they want to with enthusiasm, without much hard work and will power. They just feel like they want to make a lot of changes because they feel lighter and free. They feel courageous to break through various sorts of obstacles that life puts on their way with enthusiasm and a smile on their face. 

  • How is the Inner Glow Therapy done?

    Each Inner Glow Therapy lasts for 90 minutes. In the very beginning, I talk you through the problem that you are dealing with, in order to discover the very cause of it and then we work on this cause. 

  • Can we do Inner Glow Therapy over Skype?

    Of course we can! We can determine day and time when we meet and then we can talk. I can guide you through the process just like I would if you were sitting here in front of me.    

  • Testimonials

  • Line Ann Hansen

    Teacher, Norway

    'I, Line, am a lady who for over two decades, wanted to "find herself”, has been so lucky to get acquainted with this wonderful lady through two meetings.

    The first time was at a workshop that  Polona delivered in my hometown, where she talked about herself and her "journey" into her new life. That was a very emotional moment for me as it seemed that she was describing my life and my daily challenges.

    The second time I was fortunate to get to spend four days with Polona, right from the beginning I was unable to stay focused on what Polona was saying, because I was enthralled by the luminous aura that was around her body. Blue white and dazzling, it was surrounding her like a cape. 

    Due to a challenging childhood, where I had to hide my “true self", I  built up an impenetrable "shield" that protected me from the outside world. In my quest to free myself  from the grip of this shield, I had to let go of  the past and to forgive for what happened. Through working with Polona, I gained an understanding of why the other kids bullied me and how that affected me ever since.

    The other students and I experienced very powerful transformations whilst working with Polona, but the strongest one for me was definitely just before the weekend was over. Polona drew her attention to me and started challenging my identity. It was probably the most challenging situation that I've ever experienced. I felt pushed into a corner for a long time. But then all of a sudden something happened. I finally understood who I was. I got in touch with my “real self”. My hands caught fire immediately, it felt like a boiling mass  was bubbling in my palms. I have never experienced anything like that! As a consequence an indescribable peace settled in my body and finally all of the the"pieces" fell into place.

    Now, I am just waiting for my next meeting with my beautiful friend. For I know that this day will come. And when it comes, I will enjoy every minute of the moment.’

  • Annikken Holm

    Student, Norway

    'I was struggling with a lot of pain in my stomach and in my reproductive system. Been to a trillion doctors, none of them eased the pain or even found the reason for it.

    Then I met Polona and had an Inner Glow Therapy with her. Polona is an excellent people-reader, I felt she could see straight through me! It was like she knew the things I did not even know, and she held up the mirror for me to understand myself in a totally different way. 

    She made me focus on the little girl I used to be, and forced me to really dig deeper within - she forced me to see the cause of my troubles. All the lightbulbs in my head turned on and I suddenly knew why I had  pain and she guided me on how to fix it!

    Halleluja! I came home that evening and for the first time I didn’t experience any pain. Of course, I need to keep working on the relationship with my inner child, I need to keep listening to it and give it all the love that it needs, but now I know that all of the tools that we need to fix our problems, are already inside of us all. 

    Polona helps us to reach them, because of her I now have hope for the future, and I do know how to work more with myself and climb closer and closer towards my dreams and goals!

    Thank you, Polona - you changed my life for the better, and I am forever grateful for that. You are a woman I admire and look up to. The world needs more Polona’s!'.

  • Jane Hjartåker,

    Business Owner (Norway)

    'Polona is a heartwarming light carrier that helps you find your true self with her love and wisdom.'

  • Sissel Widding,

    Accountant (Norway)

    'I had the fantastic opportunity to have an Inner Glow Therapy with Polona. I was confused, I felt I was on the wrong direction in life. Despite being a Master Practitioner of NLP, I couldn't use NLP technics for myself. In only few minutes of coaching with Polona everything became clearer and I knew my new direction. She helped me get things straight and I also felt a lot of healing during the session (and also before the session). I would highly recommend Polona's Inner Glow Therapy to get a kickstart of changing your life in the direction you want!'

  • Randy Sanders

    NLP Coach (Norway)

    'Polona is like a very good detective, she guides you to go deep within to discover the root cause of your problem. She immediately detects which parts of your inner being are out of balance and she guides you to bring attention to them and to heal them. After Inner Glow Therapy with her, I immediately felt ready to show the world a new, much-improved version of me. I am ready for a new beginning in my life.'

  • Maja Jensterle

    Business Owner (Slovenia)

    'I can say that Polona’s Inner Glow Therapies are very relaxing and fun, we laugh a lot during them. I think that it is crucial for the coach to know how to establish an environment where you feel good and safe. This sort of environment helps you to open up and therefore the process kind of speeds up and becomes very effective, which in the end helps you to find solutions for your problems much quicker. I like the fact that on top of being very funny, her sessions have a very strong spiritual connotation as well.

    When working holistically on all three levels; mental, emotional and spiritual, one can undergo real and a long lasting life transformation.'