• New year, New Goals

    "The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals." - Melody Beattie

    It’s almost New Year. Most people will probably use the last few days of 2015 to reflect back on what they have been through and evaluate the year. 
    On this occasion they will also prepare New Year’s Resolutions. They will put down all the goals that they would like to achieve in the following year. Some people would like to lose weight, others would like to get healthier, and some would like to be in a loving caring relationship whereas others want to upgrade their education or maybe take on some courses they have been postponing for a long time…
    What about you?
    Are you the kind of a person who makes New Year’s Resolutions or do you just go with the flow, kind of letting the circumstances dictate your destiny? If you are making plans at the moment, then I wonder what you would like to achieve. 
    It’s well known that people who are able to create a compelling future for themselves and their loved ones, are generally happier and more satisfied in life, as well as more likely to achieve their goals. 
    Well, let me assist you with this year’s Resolutions and share with you a little secret that will help you create a future so compelling that you won’t be able to wait for 2016 to arrive in order to make these goals come true.
    So, are you ready?
    Here is the process for you to follow:
    1. Sit down in a relaxed place and take some time just for yourself. Make sure nobody will disturb you, also, if you are able to - put your cell phone on quiet. Light a candle, put on some music you like and make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee. The better you feel in the present moment in time, the better you will be able to plan the future. 
    2. Take a piece of plain paper and write down all the goals that you would like to achieve in 2016, focus on areas that you are not very satisfied with and where you crave a difference. Be as specific as possible. 
    3. Set yourself a time frame, but be rational; when is it likely that you will be able to achieve your goals? Please be specific here too. The time frame will put you under pressure to make them come true. 
    4. Now that you know what you would like to achieve, brainstorm your mind and try to find role models - people who have achieved what you would like. If they exist among your family members or friends great, if not, think of famous people who have achieved what you want or people you have heard of. This step is necessary in order to elicit some strategies from them or get some kind of advice that will fast speed your journey towards the desired results. Learning through your mistakes is time and money consuming, therefore if there are shortcuts; mental, emotional and other strategies that you can model from them, do so, it will save you a lot of time and personal struggle. 
    5. And now the most important phase follows. This phase is called daydreaming. Vividly imagine that you have already achieved your goals. Act as if you have achieved whatever you put down on the plain piece of paper and utilise all of your senses whilst doing that. See yourself achieving your goals, hear how others will congratulate you, and hear what you will say to yourself upon completion. If it is possible, activate your taste and smell sense too if the circumstances enable you to do that. And most importantly pay attention to how you feel. Experience all the feelings that are awakening in your body upon your completion of the task, upon your goal achievement.I am sure you have heard about the Law of Attraction by now, who hasn’t after the Secret has been published? Well, this principle is based on the same ground - your                   vivid imagination enables you to train your focus to be placed upon people, objects and situations that will help you make your dreams come true.
    6. Before we finish, I would like to expose two more steps. The following one is - make a public declaration. Don’t keep the goal to yourself; share it with family members, with your friends, with co-workers and the people you know. If you want to, put it on social media. Public declaration is just another way of putting yourself under the pressure of achieving your goals. You want to have some annoying people around who will keep reminding you about your goals if you lose the sight of them. 
    7. Take immediate action. Never leave a goal without taking the first step towards achieving it. If you plan to take some new courses, research the internet about the providers and prices. If you plan to lose weight, find gyms and maybe some trainers. If you don’t take immediate action, it is very likely that you will keep postponing your goals to an uncertain time in the future, but we don’t want that do we? We want to be effective, for sure!
    So we have arrived at the end of this week’s article. I hope that this technique will propel you to enter 2016 with great excitement and aspiration to make your dreams finally come true.
    I am wishing you a great New Years’ eve and all the best in 2016. I will be in touch soon!
    Happy New Year !!!