• No failures in life, just lessons


    So, you have just seen the above image and you have read the quote which you are quite familiar with. These New Age quotes are everywhere, aren't they? They've been shared a thousand times on social media, however are you applying them?

    Let me take you on a journey of how easy it is to apply these quotes into your everyday lives.The above image for instance was created in my kitchen the other day. The letters are engraved on actual false attempt of trying out a new recipe. 

    So there I was, returning home on a train, when I came across a recipe how to prepare vegan, egg free meringues. As a huge health food enthusiast, I had to try out the recipe the same evening. 

    I followed all the steps and as I was in a rush, I quickly turned the oven on to 200 degrees in order to heat it up quickly and get it ready to dry meringues in it for the next two hours. All great and successful up until the moment when I put the mixture into the oven and forgot to turn the temperature down to 100 degrees as I was enthusiastically discussing new business ideas with my housemate. 

    Well, 10 minutes after putting the meringue mixture into the oven alarm bells started ringing in my head: “TEMPERATUUUUREEEEE !!!” I rushed to the oven, turned the temperature down and with a fearful expression on my face, I took a look at what happened inside of the oven.

    You don’t even need to use your imagination, as you already saw the result. The whole mixture blended together and burnt in just 10 minutes. My housemate was laughing at me loudly. And I was laughing with him. Without a little bit of shame I said to him I would create something nice of my proclaimed “oven disaster”.

    And this is how this blog post was born.

    Failure… I will use this word only for the purpose of this blog. Otherwise I am avoiding it’s usage. As a coach and NLP trainer, I am conscious of how the language we use, affects our lives, therefore I am attempting to clear my language of all the unnecessary baggage that doesn’t serve it’s purpose anymore.

    Mentioning the word failure, there are different representations linked to this word, but let’s use the Wikipedia’s definition for the purpose of this blog. So, failure is defined as a state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective and may be viewed as the opposite of success. 

    Not surprisingly at all, is the word failure defined, like most other things in our lives, as black and white. You either succeed or you fail. No other option. And the before mentioned fact in the main reason why are most people fearful of trying out something new. Because nobody wants to fail and be seen as a looser in other people’s eyes. 

    But, I am asking you seriously, is there such a thing as failure in life? In my mind, and in the mind of the most successful and influential people, it doesn’t exist. Have you ever heard how Thomas Edison responded to the question of how many times he failed doing his inventions? He said: “ I have not failed, I have just found 10.000 ways that don’t work!”

    Call it a language game, but it is a powerful one, isn’t it? You and me, we both know it is impossible to fail. Why? Because you ALWAYS learn. And when you learn, you grow and expand your horizons. Maybe you don’t get the desired results in the first place, but you definitely learn what to avoid next time and voila, you are one step closer to getting the results you want. Because you won’t repeat the same mistake in the future, will you?

    Knowing all of that, I am asking you now, if you knew you could not fail, would your life be much different as to how it is at this moment in time? Picture it, what would you do, who would you become, what would you have… Hear the sounds accompanying the picture and let your body experience the feelings as well. 

    It is incredible how we get conditioned to play it safe. But if you always keep your hands off the hot stove, you will never experience how it feels to get burnt. You will never know that even if it seems mortifying, in reality you can easily survive it. Why? Because you learn, you grow, you expand and what else is life about if not an endless exciting learning journey?

    So, what have I learnt from my “oven disaster”? Simple thing, to be less of a woman when I test a new recipe next time. I will be more mindful and will stop multitasking. Simple lesson, isn’t it? But it is so important to know that an oak tree grows from an acorn, and so should you start applying the quote No failures in life, just lessons in your every day life and get comfortable with it before you transfer it onto others, more complicated matters. 

    Do you wonder will I try to make vegan meringues next time? Be sure I will, like Thomas Edison, I will keep trying until I get the results I want. 

    My advice to you today is simple: Never stop trying new things and never stop learning. In the end you will figure out that life doesn’t consist of how many breaths you take, but of moments that take your breath away.